Las Vegas

What is it about Las Vegas – you either love it or you hate it? People don’t just go there for the casinos – the live shows are spectacular, the surrounding countryside is amazing and the Hoover Dam is just awesome – literally! A trip to Las Vegas can really be a vacation if you do a little planning.
The hotels in Las Vegas are usually cheap as they don’t want to deter you from spending your money in their Casinos. Many companies hold large meetings in Las Vegas as conference facilities are also cheap. When there’s a convention in town there’s even more life in Las Vegas. Some of the closer hotels are not so cheap any more – try and get a room at the Hilton hotel during CES (the Consumer Electronics Show) in January at the Las Vegas Convention Center!

You won’t need to hire a car in Las Vegas unless you have large items to haul around (your casino winnings I hope!) – most people walk, use the public transportation (buses, monorail) or a taxi. The roads can become a nightmare during big conventions so plan your engagements with plenty of slack.