Find a Financial Advisor – Pt 2

The second post of our three-part series offering tips to finding a financial consultant. This post contains tips 6 through 11.

6. Who will you meet with?

In future conferences will you be meeting the financial advisor, or their assistant? It is your individual choice whether or not you wish to meet with someone apart from the financial expert. Yet, if you desire that individual attention and specialization, and you wish to collaborate with just one person, then it’s important to recognize who that person is going to be, today as well as in the future.
7. Have they done any additional training courses? For what reasons?

Ask your potential consultant why they have actually done their added training courses and in what way that refers to your individual situation. If an expert has actually taken a training course with a particular emphasis, that likewise deals with senior citizens, you must bring up why they have actually taken this program. What benefits did they accomplish? It is relatively easy to take a variety of programs and also obtain some new classifications. But it is interesting when you ask the consultant why they took a particular course, and just how they view that it will contribute to the services offered to their clientele.

8. Are you the best customer for the financial planner?

Are your economic needs much like many of their clientele? What can they show you that suggests a specialization in your location and that they have various other customers in your scenario? Has the consultant developed any sort of marketing items that are customer friendly for those customers in your circumstance, over and above exactly what they provide others? Do they really understand your scenario? As soon as you have described your individual requirements as well as the sort of client you are, it must be very easy to determine if you are an optimal customer for the solutions and services they offer.

9. Do they have a network of specialists which they rely on and can also refer you to when necessary?

It is beneficial for a consultant to have a solid network of experts that can be offered to their clientele, which can be trusted. Your advisor should understand and even rely on these people entirely, to ensure that if an issue arises with them, your advisor will have the ability to go to bat for you.

10. How many clients do they have?

It is necessary to have an idea of the number of customers your potential advisor collaborates with. Are you 1 of 100 customers or 1 of 1000? Based on the value of your investments are you in the leading 20% or the lower 20% of their clients? These are very important points to understand. Ask if you are among their top clientele or a lower one. It will give you an idea of whether you may get more attention or much less?

11. Request a list of clients that you may contact.

Have clients provided endorsements? Would they be willing to chat with you regarding the specialist and the services provided? Inquire how these people like collaborating with the consultant as well as their staff. Ask a few of the questions that you have brought up with the advisor. For example, who do they speak with during their meetings, the advisor or an assistant?

Stay tuned for Part 3 of use series on locating the best financial planner for you.